Gaye and Tom Hacking (GnT) Photographers.

Tom grew up surrounded by art, with artist parents who lived and breathed art. Photography is an essential way of providing reference material for any fine art and from their early teens Tom and his siblings were encouraged to visualise and capture scenes through the camera lens. Spending a lot of time in the bushveld of Southern Africa far from any amenities, they had to develop their own photographs. This helped them learn many techniques for getting the best from the medium, something Tom has continued with his digital images.

Tom and Gaye share their passion for photography, travelling and living in the Netherlands, Italy, Germany and the UK, finding beauty in the most simple places. Gaye loving people, places and street photography and Tom, landscapes, seascapes, studio and post production work with Photoshop. Working as a team, Tom and Gaye ensure they get the best coverage for their photographic assignments.

In addition to taking images that make them happy and working on assignments, they work as volunteer photographers capturing charitable events.

The links below provide more contest to our work:

More of Gaye Hacking’s work can be found on Instagram.

More of Tom Hacking’s work can be found on 500px.

My brother Grant Hacking’s work, who is a professional artist, can be found here.